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Pregnancy and Weight

13 July 2010 One Comment

Pregnancy and Weight

Since 2000, pregnant women with obesity in the United States increased by 30% every year. You who started pregnancy with excess weight need to be careful. You have to keep the weight only increased by between 12-16 kg compared with body weight before pregnancy. Why? There are too many risks when you’re pregnant with excessive weight, as listed below:

  1. Pre-eclipse. Characteristics, leg swelling cause the accumulation of body fluids, also called water retention. Due to swelling, blood flow to the fetus is impeded and this can be fatal.
  2. Gestational diabetes. It is one kind of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. This resulted in increased fetal body weight was so great that the fetus is difficult through the birth canal.
  3. Caesarean section. The possibility to give birth by Caesarean section is great if obese pregnant women. In extreme pregnant woman weighing 95 kg would be difficult giving birth naturally and at risk of complications if you keep giving birth normally.

Big risk in fetal. Not only pregnant women who will “loss” if the increases are excessive weight. In fetuses, being overweight will cause the fetus to the mother and baby to experience:

  • Overweight was born. The size of the fetus is too large (greater than shoulder width diameter head) complicate the process of normal birth. This result also increases the risk of childbirth complications.
  • Abnormalities of the central neural tube (spine bifida) can be detected in early pregnancy. In pregnant women with a lot of weight increases, deposition of fat in the abdomen the doctor makes it difficult to detect.
  • Infant’s Obesity. Approximately 30% of birth weight infants born to mothers who are obese. Symptoms of obesity have been seen in infants before the infant reaches the age of 4 years.
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