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Pregnancy and Beauty – Stay Beautiful While Pregnant

5 July 2010 No Comment

stay beautiful during pregnancyPregnancy is a thrilling nine months. During that time the presence of a fetus in the womb makes your belly bulge, hips and buttocks bigger sizes, up to an increased appetite, it can also make skin radiant with a healthy strands of hair. The problem is some women; pregnancy actually means oily skin and breakouts, black staining, dandruff endless, until the stretchmarks attack! What’s going on with the pregnancy actually?

Many experts say, pregnancy triggers hormonal changes, which go along with the growth of the fetus. But, this condition gave different effects on each individual. In addition, pregnancy can make your mood more sensitive. Therefore, pregnant mothers are encouraged not to ignore the ritual of beauty treatments. Besides functioning to maintain the beauty of the skin or hair, this ritual can make the appearance is still attractive and the mood is always happy.

Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Is hair coloring products harmful to the fetus? According to Gideon Koren, MD, professor of child health, pharmacology, and genetics at the University of Toronto, the coloring process will not negatively impact on fetal development! “Indeed, research in the year 1980 mentions, those who deal directly with these products is more a higher risk of miscarriage. But apparently, this is more due to the physical aspects of the job, like standing for hours, and not because of exposure to chemicals, “said Dr. Koren. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered America, the risk of premature birth or having a baby with low birth weight for a group of mothers who use the product to curl or straighten hair during pregnancy was not higher than those not using the product.

Explicitly, they admit, a formula hair dye can absorb into the scalp and into the blood vessel network. But apparently, the content in it is not harmful to the fetus. Although it is safe, you should not do hair coloring on the first three months of pregnancy (first trimester), because this period is important fetal organs are developing.

Beauty and Glow Skin

another problems are also often interfere with pregnant women is a condition that tends to be more oily skin. Some women even had significant hormonal changes, which raised pimples on the skin. This problem can be reduced or prevented from becoming worse by use acne medication or special care products are safe for you and your fetus.

Select of topical acne medications (applied to the skin) or skin care products that contain no Tretinoins; such as Retin-A, Renova, and Retinol. Avoid drugs that contain Acutance acne. This type of drug is believed trigger a miscarriage or birth disorders.

According to experts, a fairly safe way to overcome and reduce the acne problem is to use a topical treatment products containing benzoic peroxide or azelaic acid. You can also use care products containing no oil (so as not to trigger the emergence of new pimples)

Another alternative is use skin care products that contain antioxidants, which usually contain a formula made from fruits or other natural ingredients that are full of vitamins C and E. In addition to secure, with the content of these products also proved to be effective to maintain the beauty and skin health.

The easiest way to maintain skin moisture to avoid the problem of stretchmarks (stretching the skin) is often put on the body skin moisturizer rich in vitamin E. Unfortunately; these steps are sometimes unable to maintain optimum skin elasticity on the drastic physical changes

According to the researchers, the easiest way, safe and effective way to avoid stretchmarks is pure olive oil smeared on the abdominal skin thoroughly after bathing or as often as possible when the skin feels dry. In addition to the body is safe for skin, olive oil rich in vitamin E was no negative impact on fetal growth.

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