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Pregnancy, Stay Comfortable without Stretch Marks

30 June 2010 No Comment

Pregnancy, Stay Comfortable without stretch marks

Do you want your skin stay beautiful like before you get pregnant or even more smoothly. With proper treatment, now it is not impossible!

Stretchmarks also called as Stretch Gravidanum which caused by excessive stretch marks on the skin. At first just reddish streaks and later became a whitish line until golden depend on the original color of the skin.

stretch marksAlong with the fetus growth, the skin has stretched beyond its elasticity. If the skin is not moist enough and the ability to produce Ceramide (a type of fat components that affect the elasticity of the skin) can not offset the stretch that happens, then it becomes the stretch marks.

Uniquely, stretch marks can also be triggered by hormone imbalances, so that the skin’s ability to regenerate and produce Ceramide is disturbed.
Stretchmarks is also often makes the uneven skin texture, rougher or thinner than the surrounding healthy skin texture.

This is usually the fear of most pregnant women who basically want to always look beautiful.

But do not be too worried, because the facts with proper care from early pregnancy stretch marks can be prevented.

Some Tips to prevent stretch marks:
1. consuming enough protein and get enough sleep. Besides beneficial to the fetus, the protein also acts to regenerate cells including skin cells

2. Keep your weight in accordance with the recommended, based on fetal development. Rapid weight gain and excessive stretch marks will only aggravate the condition.

3. Apply moisturizing cream anti stretch marks all over the body since the beginning of pregnancy, especially the abdomen, upper arm, thigh, and pelvis.

4. Avoid scratching as it would aggravate the condition of the skin and cause scarring.

5. Do not forget, the best timing for applying anti-stretch marks cream is immediately after bathing. Because at this time the skin clean and moist conditions, so that the absorption of cream to be optimal.

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