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Baby Clothes – Tips on Choosing Baby Clothes

19 September 2010 No Comment

Although many of the brands, model and color of baby clothes were found in clothing stores, actually choose the baby clothes is not difficult.

newborn - clothes
There are some things that should be avoided by the father and mother when they want to buy a new born baby clothes:

  • Synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester, because it is not easy to absorb perspiration. As a result, infants can be risk of overheating, itching, or skin redness.
  • Too fit clothes. Remember don’t ever buy baby’s clothes that are too fit just because you’re already “in love” in the model. Because, babies need to move freely.
  • Clothes newfangled splashy, like lace-rope, which can make a baby trapped or choke o as well as other risks.
  • Shirt with big snap infront. When your baby on his prone, these snaps will hurt him.
  • Metal snap clothes, like jeans as well as pants or even overalls, to reduce the risk of rust.
  • Clothes with wrinkles in a narrow chest, because it can cause shortness of breath to the baby.
  • Thick and stiff-necked clothes that can make itch skin around your baby’s neck
  • Clothes with an elastic band at the waist, arms, thighs, and wrists, which were too tight.
  • Clothes with many accessorie such as buttons, ropes, ribbons, beads as well as sequins, and others that can be achieved and reach a baby’s hand. Remember, babies tend to put all objects into the mouth to “recognize”.
  • Oversized trousers. Therefore, it can be difficult and even dangerous when the baby is crawling.

As long as you avoid the rules above, then be sure that you will provide the best for your baby.

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