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The Baby’s face, like mother or father?

9 August 2010 No Comment

Why babies look a lot like with his father or mother, or even conversely, did not like at all. How can this happen?

Similar or not, which is obviously every child is always given a “legacy” of the father and mother’s genetic. When the sperm meet with ovum, it was bring the material of each gene.
So, inevitably, the child was not able to choose “inherited” from parents. Both genes inherited material that comes as particular physical traits such as eye color, stature, and others. And non-physical likes disease, blood type and other.

This process initially. Indeed, the number of genes that you and your partner down to a child remains the same. Half are from the father and the other are come from the mother. Therefore, implicitly the father and mother had each contributed 50% of genes on the children chromosomes.

Ova cell contains 23 chromosomes, as well as sperm cells. Pairs of sperm and ova chromosome like shoes or sandals are paired, right and left. When the process of fertilization, the sperm and ova “fused” to meet and work together according to chromosome pair duties.

Among the 23 pairs of chromosomes, there is a pair that functions as a sex chromosome, which determines the baby will be male or female in the future. The rest usually referred to as chromosomes.

Chromosome itself consists of thousands of genes. There are approximately 80000-100000 genes in our bodies. Information from tens of thousands of genes inherited his father and mother’s working set of all functions of body cells that looked like skin color, hair, bone shape, until the digestive function. Even intellectual ability was estimated to be a manifestation of genes derived either one or both parents.

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