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Let’s Buy Baby Stuffs

3 August 2010 No Comment

buy baby stuffSo many baby stuff are sold at baby stores with a variety of prices and shapes, sometimes makes us confused selection. Actually, not of all should you buy. Clothing and other baby’s basic needs must be fulfilled. But that does not mean have to buy it! You can create your own or get it from a family that is no longer needed. Or you can buy it and not have to be expensive.

You should make a list of needs baby while baby is still in the womb whose age was 24 weeks. Because the baby’s stuff can’t be prepared in a hurry so no need to miss. Once your baby is born and brought back to the house, everything is done.

Baby’s room.

The first week of baby’s presence at home, can you lay put on your bed so drink milk or his defecate are handled easily. But soon, your baby can be placed in her own room. If not, prepare a crib that still the same room as your room.

If the baby is sleeping in his own room, you can decorate with smooth colored paint. Can also put wall paper and complete with specially designed furniture for children. Hammock was much liked by the mother because it could ease baby to sleep. But, it’s ideally only for three months. Shortly thereafter, the baby needed a more spacious bed.

Prepare a few sheets and blankets for exchange because baby bedding will often wet. Babies are usually happy to sleep on his stomach. Therefore don’t need to use the pillow because it can cover your baby’s face and make it difficult to breathe. Prior to the spine and neck become stronger, just let your baby sleep horizontally

Provide the diaper around your baby; provide a place to put the diaper cream and baby powder. Special cabinets that many baby clothes drawers and pockets will allow you to save it. But that does not have to. You can only use crate or box as a place to store baby clothes and other purposes.

Baby toys that can rotate when the wind blows will entertain your baby if it is hung above his bed. Bedtime music player or other songs will help your baby sleep. Turn off the main lights and turn on the lights that are not too bright when your baby sleep is enough for you to view and change her diaper. If the lights are too bright, it can wake a sleepy baby.

Baby clothes are more trendy and colorful now a day. Clothing made from elastic is ideal for newborn babies. This type clothes can make your baby keep warm and neat.

If the weather is cold, put the special sweater or jacket for babies. Do not forget gloves, socks and hats to protect him from wind and cold weather. However, your primary weapon is a diaper. Disposable diapers are increasingly popular because of practicality. Change it as often as possible to avoid your baby from skin disease

Traveling with baby.
Stroller that can be changed into a sleeping position is practical when taking your child to travel. Cover with a small mattress in it so that your baby’s feel comfortable during travel

If you feel bother, you can sling your baby facing the mother’s chest. This method is practical and really comport for your baby. He will feel warmly embraced by his mother.

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