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Why babies look a lot like with his father or mother, or even conversely, did not like at all. How can this happen?
Similar or not, which is obviously every child is always given a “legacy” of the father and mother’s genetic. When the sperm meet with ovum, it was bring the material of each gene.
So, inevitably, the child was not able to choose “inherited” from parents. Both genes inherited material that comes as particular physical traits such as eye color, stature, and others. And non-physical likes disease, blood type and …

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Early period of breastfeeding is essential. Mothers and children alike should exercise to become “partners” in a compact lactation. In the first weeks, your baby will wake up several times asking to be fed. From the hospital after giving birth, sleep soon becomes something grand for the mother.

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Keeping weight gain during pregnancy is very important. Not only add weight, but also be aware of nutrition and calorie content. As we know excessive weight gain is also not good for mother and baby. The following tips can you take a look.

Eat five to six smaller meals, but often every day
Always carry a snack, like nuts, raisins, cheese, biscuits, fruit, and ice cream or yogurt.

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