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Sushi and Pregnancy
Can I eat sushi when pregnant?
It will be fine as long as your sushi is completely cooked. According to the Department of Agriculture’s Food and Safety Inspection Service, United States, safe cooking temperature for seafood is 63 ° C for at least 15 seconds.

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Learn to eat vegetables since in the womb
If you want your child likes to eat vegetables, you can begin to train him before he was born, that since in the womb. Alan Green, a Stanford University pediatrician and author of Feeding the Baby Green said drinking carrot juice and vegetable consumption during pregnancy can help to overcome the classical problems, child refuses vegetables.

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Forbidden food during pregnancy
Are you pregnant now? Get ready to cut off some food or drinks in the daily menu. For those of you who liked the taste of adventure, a pregnancy may feel like a ‘lump’. Because, in order to maintain the baby’s health, many of you will be given advice about what should be consumed and what should be banned completely. The following are types of food that need to be subjected to ‘yellow light’ or even ‘red light’. Haw about the rest? You are free to combine …

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