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Pregnancy Week 15 Pregnant

8 July 2011 One Comment

About Your Baby at 15 Weeks Pregnant

In the end of pregnancy week 15 your baby is going to be around 4.5 inches long and additionally weigh over 1.5 oz .! She actually is active moving amniotic fluid from her nose and upper respiratory tract, that helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs start to develop. Her legs are generally developing longer in comparison to her arms at present, and she could possibly move all of her joints and limbs. Even though her eye lids are still fused shut, she will be able to feel light. When you shine a flashlight at your tummy, to illustrate, she actually is more likely to move away from the beam.

15 Weeks Pregnant

Clothes beginning to really feel somewhat stretched? Becoming less than stylish and a little fuzzy-headed? These are typically almost all natural the signs of being pregnant.

pregnancy week 15With your fifteenth week of pregnancy, you finally seem to be pregnant! Because your bump gets bigger, your entire body parts tend to be changing positions to help make space for your baby-to-be. Less room or space implies you might not have the ability to consume large foods, but alternatively it is important to consume more often to keep completely satisfied. Due to cramped tummy area, possibly you have heartburn, indigestion, and even flatulence. Your current blood circulation has grown to supply additional nutrients-meaning much more trips to the bathroom for you. Also you can recognize that you are retaining water.

Being Friendly to the Symptoms of Pregnancy Week 15

There are so many things for pregnant women that they should aware of to make sure that they and their baby stay healthy and safe. For women who have already gave birth before perhaps they don’t have significant problems to deliver their second or third baby but for the women who is about to deliver the first baby pregnancy is surely the most complicated thing that they should experience. These types of women perhaps don’t know even know exactly the symptoms resulted from the pregnancy and it’s not a strange that that these women start to get worry if they find that there are some physical changes happens during their pregnancy.

There are different symptoms and physical changes at certain pregnancy stages. Women at pregnancy week 15 may typically experience increasing bodyweight that can range from six to eight pounds. Once women at pregnancy week 15 can see the weight scale that shows significant increasing weight they mostly are upset since they assume that they’re getting fat or they fail the diet programs. Actually such increasing body weight is a normal thing and perfectly makes sense considering that you also carry a new baby in you which also counted as an extra body weight also.

Some women at pregnancy week 15 may also experience increasing and excessive salivation. This commonly happens during the period of gestational. Of course there’s no significant risks of such excessive salivation that may endanger the health of our baby but it can be quite annoying for pregnant women who work with direct contact to the business clients since it’s certainly embarrassing to unintentionally drool while we talk to our business clients.  However such excessive salivation is a natural symptom which helps to neutralizing the gastric acid. The only solution is to always carry a handkerchief or tissue to wipe the saliva off frequently.


If mom is certainly raiding your closet for clothes, it’s not just you. Nevertheless, you will find products available on the market that you can try to help her extend the life of her pregnancy clothes that don’t involved pins, rubber bands or stealing your clothes!

Pregnancy Week 16

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