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Pregnancy Week 14 – The second Trimester Begins

1 July 2011 One Comment

When fourteen weeks pregnant you are going to eventually start looking slightly pregnant. By 14 weeks pregnant the second trimester begins. Your baby is about 3-4 inches long.

Here is how your baby’s growing:

Your baby is about 3-4 inches long. Now this week’s major developments: Your baby is now able to squint, grimace, pee, frown and even suck his / her thumb! As a consequence of brain urges, his or her face muscles are becoming a good work out since his very small features shape one appearance to another. His filtering system are producing urine, which he releases into the amniotic fluid around him – an activity he will probably maintain until birth. He can grasp, too, and when you are getting an ultrasound at this moment, maybe you might even record him or her sucking his own thumb.

Things We Should Aware About Our Pets at Pregnancy Week 14

pregnancy week 14Pregnancy is surely the miraculous thing that most women waiting for especially those who have just getting married. Pregnancy brings hope to continue and extend our generation. Pregnancy of course requires special attentions since it strongly related to the health of the women and the baby and if necessary pregnant women should be treated special in order to make sure that they’re healthy so they can also deliver healthy baby.

There are things that women should and shouldn’t do when they’re pregnant and all pregnant women must be aware of it to make sure that they’re healthy and fine. Healthy foods are the major thing that most pregnant women should pay very close attention to. This is due to the fact that all foods consumed by the pregnant women would also consumed by the baby as well so eating healthy foods may also means giving healthy nutrition for the baby.

Besides women lifestyle should also pay attention to their lifestyle since it may also affect their baby as well. For women who are at the pregnancy week 14 should be really careful to their own pets. Pets like cats or kittens may potentially carry diseases such as Toxoplasmosis and it commonly can be found in their litter box. Toxoplasmosis is certainly dangerous for the health of your unborn baby. This is why it requires special attention when we need to change the litter box. If you have no one at home who can help you to change the litter box of your kittens and you need to do it yourself you’re highly advised to wear the mask and gloves to protect you and your unborn baby from Toxoplasmosis. Remember to always wash your hands clean using the running water and if necessary you can even wash it with antiseptic soaps to make sure that your hands clean.

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