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Pregnancy Week 12 – The Symptoms of Pregnancy Week 12

30 June 2011 One Comment

Most couples especially women would certainly feel so much happy to know that they’re already pregnant. However on the other hand there are also some women that dislike it and most of these types of women are those who aren’t ready to get pregnant. There are many reasons why these types of women dislike to get pregnant and mostly all such reasons are related to the physical performance where these pregnant women would experience so many physical changes.

The Symptoms of Pregnancy Week 12

The start of this twelve week pregnancy guide represents the start to the closing stages of the first trimester pregnancy.

We can’t hide the fact that there are several symptoms for all pregnant women and it surely obvious when they’re at pregnancy week 12. Knowing about these symptoms is necessary for these women so they can get mentally ready once such symptoms come to them. Skin changes are the most obvious thing that we can find where moles and darker skin tones can be found in several parts of the body such as on aerolas and surrounding the nipples. Heartburn is the most common symptoms for pregnancy week 12 where women don’t feel comfortable on surround the chest. Just like the darker skin tones surrounding the nipples the heartburn is also believed to be caused by hormonal effects.

Acne might also appear on the pregnancy week 12 where women get the acne breakouts, pimples and zits. It’s also believed to be caused by hormonal effects as well. Another common symptom at pregnancy week 12 is the chloasma where you experience some changes of skin color on your cheek, temples, chin and forehead. These color changes would be more obvious especially when you’re exposed to the direct sun shine. Using the sun block cream might help to protect you and your baby from direct sun rays.

Exactly how your baby’s growing:

baby week 12One of the most amazing growth this week: reflexes. Your baby’s fingers will soon start to open and also close, his or her toes will certainly curl, his or her eye muscles will clench, and also his mouth is likely to make sucking motions. Of course, when you push your abdominal area, your baby will probably squirm in reaction, even though you can’t come to feel it. His or her intestines, that have grown so fast that they protrude into the umbilical cord, will begin to move into his abdomen tooth cavity concerning at this moment, and his awesome kidneys will begin excreting urine into his bladder.

This particular Week’s Activity:

Set up a baby spending budget. Take the time together with your partner to talk about practical ideas on how you will take care of new-baby expenses – clothes, food, baby diapers, educational baby toys, as well as gear can add up fast. Discuss where you are able to reduce your budget to build room for your baby’s needs. Think about making certain budget adjustments right now, and start banking your savings for your baby.

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