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Pregnancy Week 10 – What does 10 Weeks Pregnant Look Like

6 May 2011 No Comment

10 Weeks Pregnant – Funny Feeling that Could be Experience during 10th Week Pregnancy

pregnancy-week-10Entering the age of 10 weeks, infant in the mother’s womb reach lengths of 3 cm. So you should not be surprised if the infant’s head looks very big, because his brain was growing faster than other body parts. He even has started to sleep, wake up and training his muscles, in addition, it was funny feeling to know that he was able to bend the arm, and also his spine looks transparent under his skin, plus more, his toes begin to separate, and more actively engaged. Meanwhile, some of the important organs such as liver, brain and lungs also has complete form and has been working properly.

Like when a woman planning a pregnancy, during pregnancy week 10, a pregnant woman still have to run a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods in a balanced amount. Do not forget to eat food with plenty of iron substance in it, as one of the important nutrients to help carry oxygen to the red blood cells so that mother was not easily felt tired. In addition, with the help of a Doppler, or arms stethoscope, a mother will be able to hear the infant’s heartbeat, it feels just like when our ears hear the sound of small footsteps of the horse which walking slowly.

However, in such time of pregnancy week 10, a mother is advised to avoid the environment which exposure by tobacco smoke. So, if you are in such an environment, then you should go out of it, and lead your body to a cleaner environment. This is due in this phaseof pregnancy week 10; a mother is more susceptible to the dangers of cigarette smoke. Therefore she needs to protect her baby from kin of danger like that; besides, other people are also advised not to smoke in front of pregnant women because such actions would clearly harm to mother and her fetus.

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