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Pregnancy Week 5 – The Fascinating Heart in the Pregnancy Week Five

26 April 2011 One Comment

The Fascinating Heart in the Pregnancy Week Five

The growth of your baby in pregnancy week 5 is tremendous and hilarious as your baby now is about to form its heart. It means that you baby will start to have its life inside your womb, the real life. It is not only the heart of the baby, but the central nervous system with muscles and bones will be also getting formed. Early stages of skeletal formation begin to be noticed as well.

baby week 5The most fascinating event in this week is probably happens in the heart. It is how the heart begins to divide separate chambers and pumping its own blood. There are three layers which will be busy enough during this week. The heart, muscles, cartilages, and bones of your baby will be built from the mesoderm cells: the cell in the middle layer of cells while the top layer of cells will produce skin, hair, nail and the sweating glands as well as the neural tubes. The third layer of cells of your baby will produce its organ within the body such as, gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, lungs and pancreas.  Well, that is what pretty much will happen during pregnancy week 5 to your baby inside you.

For the mothers, they still has the pain in their abdomen and the shape of pregnant woman cannot be seen in this time because it is still cannot be told that they are pregnant as some women who has the first pregnancy will doubt that they are having a baby. All the pain they get is related to the menses that will come sooner. In pregnancy week 5, morning sickness will likely to happen. Morning sickness can happen in the morning, day, or night. Although some women only get it during the first trimester, some women get it during all the gestational period.

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