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Pregnancy Week 4 – The Furious Growth of a Fetus During Pregnancy Week 4

26 April 2011 One Comment

The Furious Growth of a Fetus During Pregnancy Week 4

In the pregnancy week 4, the growth of the baby is furious. Its movement toward its home for nine months becomes much remarkable. The blastocyst will go deeper and deeper in the lining of the uterus. The placenta will start to form as the amniotic is getting formed. It will help the nourishment distribution to the baby from the mother during the gestational period.

pregnancy week 4There are some layers that develop in the mother’s body that helps the baby to live by delivering nutrient and oxygen. These layers will develop also in the baby’s organ. Layers from nervous system will help to build the brain of the baby. This will be the starting of the embryonic period when the baby start to form their organ. The pregnancy week 4 then is the time for the baby to grow their tissues. That is why the first weeks are really important because any harmful substance can bring damage to this forming process. Thus, it is really important for a mother to know that she is exposed for any kind of harmful substance that may cause bad thing to her baby. The most dangerous substance is the substance contained in the alcohol and tobacco which can cause malformation and fetal deformity. It is not only tobacco and alcohol, but drug is also restricted for pregnant mother as the substance is highly contagious for the baby. Thus, she must meet health care professional to make her habit changed.

In the end of pregnancy week 4, an area in the ovary builds corpus luteum which produces the progesterone in the early weeks of pregnancy. The placenta will also produces progesterone which is needed by the mother until about 12th week. Mother will feel nausea, cramps and pains which are wrongly connected to the menstrual period. Believe it or not, many mothers think that they are having their period instead of realizing that they are carrying a baby.

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