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Pregnancy week 3 – The Fertilization: Process and Symptoms

24 April 2011 No Comment

The Fertilization: Process and Symptoms

The most important thing in pregnancy week 3 is the fertilization. It is when the sperm reaches the ovum. A baby, in this period is very small. It is just 0.0058 inches long or just in the shape of head of sewing pin, the difference is that it lives. When the fertilization process happens, the sperm has to penetrate the woman egg and combines the chromosome with the mother’s egg for a baby is usually has its mother and father chromosome which shares 23 chromosome for the development of the fetus. Three days after that, 9 chromosomes has been built.

During pregnancy week 3, amniotic fluid will come around the embryo and help the embryo take its position during all the entire the process of gestation. Also in this week, embryo will have some specific connection with the mother such as tunnel between the fetus and the uterine wall for circulation technique. The placenta itself will not be formed until another week or so when the baby will start to have amount of nutrients.

The symptoms of pregnancy week 3 probably will not be conceived by the mother as they expect another thing happens in the few more weeks. However, the symptoms are mostly the same with the first weeks’ symptoms in which the mother feels pain and cramps in the abdomen. Other women might vomit frequently, mostly in the morning, to be the symptoms of being pregnant. Another symptom that remarks pregnancy week 3 is a little bleeding which is usually misunderstood by a little spot for having menstruation. This, actually, is when the egg burrowing the lining of the womb. It happens 6 days after the fertilization, which is in the end of week 3. The other important thing happens in the week 3 is that how mother should realize that she has to fulfill enough nutrition for herself and to have exercise is highly recommended.

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