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Big No-No in cycling for pregnant Women

13 July 2010 No Comment

Big No-No in cycling for pregnant Women

1. Cycling in the afternoon. Usually you are already tired of doing various activities and feet tend to swell due to the move all day.

2. Too bowed as cycling, because it can increase the risk of lower bone pain and loss of balance because the body’s center of gravity too far to the front. Instead, lean back only about 15-30 degrees.
3. Cycling on uneven and holes road. It can trigger contractions and increase your risk of falling.
4. Cycling climb the roads. It can causing a greater burden of the leg that make you become tired more quickly, breathing heavily, as well as pulse and blood pressure rising fast.
5. Eat when cycling, although it was only just a snack. You should eat a snack about 30 minutes before cycling and a big meal about an hour after cycling.
6. Listen to music through headphones. It will make you become less alert.

Stop cycling immediately if symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, choking breath, or pain arising in the back and hips, stomach contraction. Exercise can increase stress hormones that can trigger contractions. If 30 minutes after stopping exercise, you’re still having a contraction, see a doctor immediately.

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