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Can I eat sushi when pregnant?

1 July 2010 No Comment

sushiSushi and Pregnancy
Can I eat sushi when pregnant?

It will be fine as long as your sushi is completely cooked. According to the Department of Agriculture’s Food and Safety Inspection Service, United States, safe cooking temperature for seafood is 63 ° C for at least 15 seconds.

To determine whether the seafood that will be consumed has reached the appropriate temperature to kill microorganisms that may exist (such as parasites or bacteria), you can use a special thermometer. If you do not have a thermometer, the following guidelines can help you to determine whether seafood is cooked or not:

  • Shrimp skin and lobster, pearl-white flesh color.
  • Squid and scallops has white color (like milk or pearls), and the meat was rather tough.
  • Fish is white and easy released from the bone with fork.
  • Mussel shells will open. Discard shellfish shells remain closed after cooking.

If you are a huge fan of sushi or other raw meat products, avoid these foods first. Raw meat may be contaminated with harmful microorganisms, so you can get a variety of digestive disorders. Instead of something untoward happening, it is better used to temporarily abstain, right?

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