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Water and Pregnancy – The Importance of Drinking Water during Pregnancy

4 August 2010 No Comment

Benefits of Water in PregnancyEven though water has no taste and aroma, but it has the extraordinary benefits for pregnant and lactating mothers. Water content in the human body are adult’s 60% -70%, 80% infants and fetuses of more than 90%.
Behind the plain color and taste, water is extremely important and powerful to overcome a variety of disorders of the body. What is the greatness of water?

1.  Prevent dehydration.

The human body has a mechanism in maintaining the balance of water intake, one of which is thirst. Thirst is a signal that the body is dehydrated or lack of fluids. These signals tell you to drink water. For pregnant women, especially those who stepped on third trimester, dehydrated more easily experienced. Burning sensation caused by the enlarged surface of the body makes sweat out more than usual.

The characteristics of your body experiencing mild dehydration:

  • Orange-colored urine, yellow or turbid followed odor.
  • Mild headache.
  • Mouth and throat felt dry.
  • Nausea and felt like vomiting

2. Streamlining the flow of blood

Most of the components in the human body, composed of cells and tissues, not only contains water but is continuously covered by water. Cells of the body including the circulatory need water to function properly. When the water needs not fulfilled, the body will ‘suck’ water from the body’s own components, starting from the closest component of blood. Because the water in the blood draining for the body, blood becomes thicker so that travels through the body becomes not current. With the entry of water into the body, blood will need adequate water, the flow of blood to the body of the mother or the fetus will pass by itself.

3. Prevent preterm labor

Preterm labor associated with dehydration. Therefore, a three-trimester severe dehydration can trigger contractions. As a result of preterm labor ensued. Water will help you to balance the needs of the body of fluids, and helps you consume nutrients flowing through the blood to the fetus. So that the fetus was getting nutrition she needs.

4. Discard the bacteria from the kidneys.

Fluid in the body is a medium of transportation of waste to be excreted out through urine. In pregnant women, the enlarged uterus causes some urine is retained during urination. It’s dangerous! It can be a place to breed bacteria. By drinking enough water, it can clean up toxic waste water from various parts of the body will be brought to the kidney for disposal. Drinking water can reduce the risk of kidney stones. Kidneys work hard to do blood screening. Lack of water can damage the kidney system; so that the buried urine in the body can poison the body including the fetus.

5. Prevent constipation.

Some say water acts as a purgative for the digestive tract. It’s right! It’s because the water can do smooth digestive tract. Moreover, most pregnant women complain of constipation. Water could be the answer to this complaint in addition to the importance of consumption of fibrous foods. Food that enters the body will be digested and run smoothly when there is adequate fluid intake. If you are less liquid, small and large intestine will still be working properly, but the fluid from the feces will remain absorbed to keep hydrated. As a result, your bowel will get some problems.

Do not be afraid to drinking a lot of water though cause frequent urination. Urinating is the process of removing wastes from the body. Holding pee even can cause germs breed easily so simple bladder infection, also facilitate the formation of crystals which is the beginning of bladder stones.

How much? Everyone has different needs. Does everyone need to drink two liters of water (8 cups) per day, is highly dependent on the activity and condition of the person. Pregnant women, who work outdoors or frequent exposure to the sun, must need more water. Make sure your drinking water clean and free of germs, by looking at the clarity of the water and smells.

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