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Fiber, it’s Function and Benefit for pregnant women

26 July 2010 No Comment

Pregnancy can cause many changes in your body system works. One is the digestive system. Quite often these changes cause complaints such as constipation. By consume enough fiber in the list of your daily menu, constipation were resolved.

Fiber which is it? Fiber actually classified as carbohydrates, but which can not be digested, so it will be reissued with excrement and leftover food (“junk”) others. Fiber can not be digested because the body can not be described by digestion’s enzyme. These conditions should be found a solution for pregnant women.

But there are fibers that are soluble in water, such as nuts, apples, pears, cereals and oatmeal. While fiber is not soluble in water such as carrots, wheat bread, brown rice, tomato, papaya, and cucumber.

Fibers that can be overcome constipation in pregnant women are that the character is not soluble in water. This fiber will make a “trash can” become more solid, because it absorbs the water contained therein. Volume of “junk” that becomes greater will stimulate the muscles to contract and push the channel expenditures “garbage” out.

In addition to fiber, lots of water consumption will also be very helpful for pregnant women. Also do a little exercise, like walking. This activity stimulates the muscles of the rectum pushing “junk” removed. So, you will be free from interference constipation.

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