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Am I Pregnant? 10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

14 June 2010 No Comment

Pregnancy is a desirable thing for every couple. There are common signs of pregnancy that can help to ensure your pregnancy. If some mention signed below happens to you, no need to worry. Just observe in the next few days, maybe these signs will appear until several days or even weeks.

1. No menstrual.
This is a common sign for women that have the regular menstrual cycle such as 28-30 days every month. If you have long menstrual cycles (35-40 days) it’s possible that you are not having menstruation every month. If you belong to a group of women with length menstrual cycle and / or irregular, this is not a common sign of pregnancy for you.

2. Flecks of Blood.
After several days of missed period schedule, and get blood spots or flecks, most likely you are pregnant. At the time, the result of fertilization attached to the uterine wall (implantation), usually the prospective mother will find it. But, not all women have this experience in early pregnancy. So, you could be pregnant even without any spots or flecks.

3. Areola changing.
If you are pregnant, your areola area will be widened and getting darker.

4. Nausea
Hormonal changes make prospective mothers had symptoms of nausea, and even vomiting.

5. Drowsiness or Excessive fatigue.
Hormonal changes, diet, embryonic development can make prospective mothers feel sleepy or tired. You must get rest enough.

6. Bad Dizziness
Same like Nausea, this condition happen to prospective mother because hormonal changes.

7. Eating habits changing.
Just want to snacking or eating 1-2 types of foods only.

8. Breast changing
Breasts enlarge and become tender.

9. Instability Emotion.

10. Frequent Urination
If you still have not got one of the symptoms mentioned above? Do not give up! Observe again on next three days – one week ahead. Perhaps, it’s still too early. Or, your guess is still missed, because you may have miscalculated the menstrual cycle or your menstrual cycle is changed. Therefore this is a common sign of pregnancy; each individual could have received a different feature of pregnancy. Some women starting to get common symptoms of pregnancy a week after conception occurs. While others get feel the symptoms after 10-14 days.

To ensure that you are pregnant or not, you need to make sure with the pregnancy test (test packs) you can buy at pharmacies or do tests hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the laboratory. Do also counting menstrual cycles more closely.

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