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Pregnancy Calculator based on Due date

24 March 2011 No Comment

Pregnancy Due Date CalculatorThere are several websites available on the internet that calculates the due date for an expectant mother. While it is an educated guess, many pregnant women find this calculator helpful in the planning for the arrival of their baby. Only five percent of babies arrive on their due date. The pregnancy due date calculator remains an important tool, so that proper prenatal care is given.

How are due dates calculated?:

Your due date is typically calculated based on the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). Pregnancy is 266 days from conception, or about 280 from your LMP. This is 40 weeks or 9 months (give or take a few weeks).

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – Calculating your due date

A pregnancy due date calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the approximate date when your baby will be born that is your due date. To calculate this you need to enter the date of the fist day of your last menstrual cycle and the number of days that your cycle usually runs for. The calculator will use these dates and will generate a conception date from which the day of birth is calculated. You need to realize that the date that the pregnancy due date calculator generates depends on the information that you put in. It calculates the date based on the date and the number of dates you have given.

Using a pregnancy due date calculator gives women the ability to plan the majority of the pregnancy. They are able to do this because having an expected due date she knows how she will feel during each trimester. With this knowledge, many women are able to plan maternity leave and doctor’s appointments. Most helpful, they know when they need to have everything ready for the baby to come home. A pregnancy due date calculator is a great tool.

Here is some useful tool for pregnancy calculator on the internet:

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