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Obese Women have a Reduced Chance of Pregnancy?

25 February 2011 One Comment

Fat tissue in an obese woman who would produce the hormone estrogen excess. As a result, hormonal imbalances which interfere with the menstrual cycle and affect fertility.

Disturb the menstrual cycle. Someone said to obesity if the BMI or body mass index 25 or more – BMI derived from body weight divided by height in square. Mild obesity when BMI 25 to 29.9, moderate and severe if 30 to 34.9 when 35 or more. Male or female fat, are equally at risk of infertility. Especially women, each increase in BMI above 29 will reduce the chance of pregnancy to 4% compared to those with BMI 21-29. When the BMI reaches 35-40, the opportunity to become pregnant even smaller, ie 20-40%.

Achieve a normal BMI. I have found no evidence that weight loss or weight, create a woman who was obese, will soon be pregnant. However, with decreased body weight, at least a chance to become pregnant would be lifted. In the book “50 Questions and Answers About Pregnancy”, the author Dr. dr. Dr.Saptawati Bardosono, MSc, mentions, with only 5-10% lower body weight, there will be ovulation or egg cell maturation spontaneously in 60% of women who had been obese. In addition, with normal BMI, a woman will enter pregnancy with a better and healthier. Risk of pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, and the risk of childbirth complications, could be lowered if pregnant with a normal BMI. That is why, if you are overweight, try for your pre-pregnancy BMI is normal, that is between 18.5 to 22.9.

A significant deviation from your normal body weight, whether overweight or underweight, can cause infertility in both women and men. In fact, one study suggests that 12% of primary infertility is due to weight issues. Studies also show that abnormal weight can reduce the chances of success with assisted reproductive procedures.

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  • Liz said:

    I disagree, I am obese and I got pregnant our very first time trying. I get sick and tired of people putting us down. We are women that is all that should matter. So please stop making good women loose hope of getting pregnant. Some of us just can’t lose weight.

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